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PainStation @ MoMA New York
2886 days ago by Tilman

We are proud to announce that PainStation is part of the much talked about exhibition “Design and the elastic mind” at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. The exhibition is crammed with stuff, both well known and new. Sadly though, PainStation is not playable for several reasons – US-laws being one of it.
The exhibition is already on for a few weeks and runs till May, 12th 2008. So make sure to check it out soon!

go to website/online exhibition

//////////fur//// exhibition update
3082 days ago by Tilman

Dear friends of //////////fur////,
we are happy to announce a couple of events you shouldn’t miss.


August 11, 2007 – October 07, 2007

Zone_V2 – An exhibition around the work of V2 and the artists and themes that have passed by over the last 25 years of V2_

PainStation is currently also on exhibition in Vienna, Austria and Bern, Switzerland. Check out the website for details


September 10th and 13-16th 2007

We don’t know if Arnold Schwarzenegger will show up to match with himself as terminator inside our modified pinball machine ////furminator but if you can make it come and visit us at the WIRED NEXTFEST Los Angeles in September 13-16 LA convention center.
Our installation ////furminator will be part of the future of play section and also at the kick off event at the Fonda Theater Sept. 10th. We will be happy to see you in LA.

About WIRED NextFest:
is a unique world’s-fair-style event showcasing future technologies in design, entertainment, communication, healthcare, transportation, sustainable living and more, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, September 13 – 16, 2007.



November 2007 – August 2008

Sport in Art
Both sports and art can push the imaginations of the human limit, of physical or technical capacity and of inner strength.

The exhibition will tour all over China: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shenyang, Chengdu, Beijing and HongKong

Taipei Day 3: City Views
3109 days ago by Tilman

Took advantage of my spare time and the good weather to look around the city and shoot a few random photos. Uploaded them to our “furyoureyesonly” gallery:

Random City Views

Taipei 101 Building

Taipei - Day 2
3110 days ago by Tilman

Welcome Hotel room

Hotel room after a wicked night of sleep, late-night-tv and weird dreams.

view from hotel room
View from my hotel room on the 9th floor.

Taifun approachingOh no, a taifun is approaching! But fearless me is heading to MOCA once more anyway.
Setup complete
In the meantime my hard working friends have completed the setup. All i had to do was plug it in!

So off to the Akihabara of Taipei called “Guanghua Market” to shop for some electronics!

guangghua market
Uhh!? I did expect a little more than a that, but hey, this is not Japan!

Guangghua Entrance
Who could resist such a friendly welcome!

Aisles and aisles of SD cards, fake iPods and other computer components.

After some minor acquisitions i headed off to the next shopping mecca, this time to Ximending, the epicenter off youth and trends. Unfortunately the Taifun started to kick in around that time and the rain was so bad that i didn’t take any pictures anymore.

MOCA Taipei
3110 days ago by Tilman

Long time no blog, but we iz still alive and still exhibiting da same ol’ pain inflicting video game dubbed PainStation. This time in Taipei, Taiwan on occasion of the V2 exhibition “ZONE_V2 – Unstable Media, Act – Interact” in the MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art. So sit back and enjoy a few selected pictures of the trip so far.

Taipei Limo Ride
Limo ride in big black Mercedes from airport, but wait a minute, somebody is missing! Oh no! Volker had to stay at home.

Taipei tower - one of the worlds tallest building
First glimpse of Taipei Tower. After dropping my stuff in ther hotel and taking a quick shower, i headed off to MOCA to set up PainStation.

Lucky me i just had to give orders to the helpful and friendly MOCA staff

Setup: We made them paint the whole room in our original PainStation-1 yellow and put benches for the onlookers that will hoepfully gather around our machine. In the back you can see preparations for the “Hall of Pain” gallery of maltreated hands!

Enough for day one, time to get some sleep after almost 30 hours.

//////////fur//// on Arte Tracks
3221 days ago by Tilman

During our lats years trip to Paris we were interviewed by Tracks Magazine. I couldn’t find the video yet, but here’s an excerpt:

Arte Website

Gogbot Festival Enschede
3442 days ago by Volker

PainStation2.5 will be at the Gogbot Festival in Enschede. A nice festival with a lot media arts and an interesting DJ/VJ line up. Go there and feel the taste of pain in the game!

Location:Gogbot Festival, Enschede NL
Date:Sep – 14, 2006 – Sep – 16, 2006
URL: http://www.gogbot.nl/

New Mr. Punch trailer
3446 days ago by Volker

If you want to know the truth about the fabulous Mr.Punch take a look at our newest Mr.Punch trailer. Learn more about his rise and fall from a kids entertainer to a glamorous star of the entertainment industrie.

Mr.Punch trailer (8,5MB)

PainStation Generations
3457 days ago by Tilman

To celebrate the five year anniversary we have set up two versions of the PainStation at this year’s GamesConvention in Leipzig:

PainStation 1.0
For the first time in 3 years the very first model has been excavated from the transportation case and is now playable at the pong.mythos exhibition. The crappy looks, the biting whip and the awful slowdowns of the software give this machine a unique retro touch!

PainStation 2.5
If you prefer the high tech treatment with varying pain levels, blinding flashlights and a lot more gameplay variety, stick to our professionally build workhorse. On display is model 4/5, codename “Vaterland”.

More photos from the exhibition can be found here.
Photos of pong.mythos @ GC and other locations.

Update: I just got a call from Andreas Lange asking for replacement whips for PS2.5. The first set is already used up – more than 36 000 people visited the show yesterday!

pong.mythos @ GamesConvention
3478 days ago by Tilman

Games Convention leipzig

The great exhibition pong.mythos by Andreas Lange from the Computerspielemuseum Berlin will have it’s second showing in Leipzig at the GamesConvention – europe’s biggest gaming expo. The exhibition will be shown in extended form with 25+ installations in one of the 4 main halls of the trade show. If you missed pong.mythos in Stuttgart, this is you chance!

Lots of pictures and press clippings can be found here: http://st.blinkenarea.org/pong.mythos/